Third Party Code Review

Our third party code review service will determine if your web application is scalable as you grow your business.

Our team will take over maintenance or your legacy web application in case your provider is no longer available. It is not always easy to find another service provider to take over a legacy software project. We will start with a code review of your legacy web application, to have an in-depth understanding of the risks and challenges inherent to the system. Then, we will do a security assessment to provide you with a clear picture of existing vulnerabilities.

It is very difficult for non-technical people to judge the quality of the work performed on a software. This is why we offer third party code review services to help you know exactly what you are paying for when you are purchasing custom software development. A technical debt is just like any other kind of debt, it’s only good management to know exactly how much you owe.

Contact us for our third party code review service.