Web Hosting Service

As part of comprehensive services offer, we provide web hosting solutions to our clients. We will manage hosting your site

We provide a personalized service not offered by hosting companies. In case of server-side problems, we have full control over your infrastructure and can easily find a solution. When your application is hosted with a third party, an otherwise small problem can quickly become a time-consuming nightmare.

We provide SSL certificates to keep your communications secure and reassure your users. SSL certificates let your users know that they are using a secure and encrypted connection.

We offer a strong protection against DDOS attacks (Denial of Service) to protect your web application against hackers.

Data is physically located in Québec, safeguarding it from foreign governments accessing your confidential information. Hosting companies need to follow local laws and most governments can legally require access to hosted information. This becomes a problem when a government supports one of your competitors. Always host your important data as close as possible to where your business operates. In some cases, you are required by law to host customer data on national territory.

We use a code version control software on all of our servers to to easily roll back to a previous version of your application’s code in case of problem (Git). This also enables us to easily and cost-efficiently deploy new functionalities on your production server.

We make regular back-ups to ensure that you always have a recent copy of your data at your disposal.

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