We predict the future of ecommerce

Want to turn your ecommerce into a blockbuster?
We have all the bells and whistles you need.

Ecommerce Performance Optimization

Our services:

We understand that a big win requires a lot of engagement. Let us prepare a game plan for your business and just make a killing!

Page Speed Optimization
Headless technologies
Magento Development
Project Management

We optimize any ecommerce for Core Web Vitals! Read our case studies and check us!

Thanks to our experience
we can work out the kinks.

As a result of the cooperation between two leading agencies, we can offer our
clients an attractive fee, QA support and developers of the highest order.


We work on the Time & Materials model and strongly believe that the Agile
method gets the job done.

About Alpacode:

Alpacode creates new standards in the market.
We are the core of the coding world.

As a strategic alliance between two brilliant software agencies, Hatimeria and Virtua, we have mentoring and support from the best and most experienced developers.

Alpacode has risen from projects Hatimeria and Virtua have realized together.

Now, Alpacode pans out with cutting-edge technologies, record-breaking projects and people who can think outside the box.

Who We Are:

At the end of the day, what really counts is your business. Our developers love coding, they are enthusiastic and they understand the business-oriented approach of their job.






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Ciekawe projekty, rozwijające szkolenia i jednocześnie świetna zabawa w wyborowym towarzystwie!

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Let’s talk about your ecommerce business and how we can help you!
Let’s talk about your ecommerce business and how we can help you!

We specialize in optimizing the speed of

any ecommerce for Web Vitals

– check us or get cash back!


Let’s talk about your ecommerce!